2 Post-Divorce Modifications You Should Know

Making modifications post-divorce

Once your divorce is over and the judgment is entered, everything is not set in stone. After all, your life will continue to change. Your kids will get older and their needs will change. You may get a new job. Your spouse may get a new job. You may lose your job.

With all of these changes may come changes to your divorce judgment as well. As you can imagine, not everything may be changed once the divorce is complete. However, there are two main areas in post-divorce modifications where changes may be made that you should be familiar with following the close of your case.

  1. Contempt of Court

Contempt of Court is a fancy way of saying that your former spouse isn’t following the divorce judgment. For example, he or she may be picking up the kids at the wrong time or dropping them off late. In some cases, your spouse may not be paying alimony or child support.

If this happens, you will need to return to court to enforce the judgment. If your former spouse doesn’t comply, he or she will be held in contempt of court and be forced to pay a fine or may be jailed until he or she will comply.

  1. Modifying Existing Orders or Your Divorce Judgment

This is common if you get a new job, lose your current job, your spouse changes jobs, or other circumstances change. Most often, spouses go back to court to modify parenting time arrangements or payments related to alimony or maintenance.

You can’t go back to court to change these issues on a whim. Most courts require proof of a “substantial and material change in the circumstances” since your judgment or a prior modification was entered.

Orders often need to be modified as children age and reach adulthood as well. As such, you will almost always need to modify an existing order if you have children with your former spouse.

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