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5 Things You Should Know About Collaborative Divorce


Litigation exacerbates the emotional and mental stress of a divorce. This leads many couples to consider alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as collaborative divorce.

Recently, collaborative divorce has continued to grow in popularity as a way to save money and expedite the divorce process. However, many individuals are still confused about the process and what it entails.

Below, we describe five of the most important traits you should know about collaborative divorce before you seriously consider the process for yourself.

  1. You Must Work With Your Spouse

Unlike litigation where you stand in direct opposition of your spouse, collaborative divorce involves working together. You will still have your own attorney and other experts, such as therapists, financial experts, and others may be involved, but you must be willing to compromise.

  1. The Process Differs From Mediation

Collaborative divorce isn’t another phrase used to define mediation. In mediation, there is one attorney who works with both attorneys to help spouses discuss potential issues and arrive at resolutions.

In collaboration, the process involves two attorneys who facilitate discussion on behalf of their clients. You will play a critical role in the process but may use your attorney to discuss matters you are confused on or aren’t knowledgeable about.

  1. It’s Important to Remain Honest

If you enter the collaborative process looking to deceive your spouse and misrepresent your income, assets, or other important information, it will fail.

You must enter the process willing to disclose all information. This will make the entire process simpler and prevent the process from failing apart and forcing you into litigation.

  1. You Should Consider it if You’re Concerned About Your Children

Collaborative divorce is less contentious than litigation. This often improves the home environment throughout the course of the divorce and helps retain normalcy for children who may already be experiencing mental and physical distress due to the situation.

It’s also easier to focus on what’s best for your children when you aren’t focused on “winning” your case in court.

  1. It Isn’t the Right Choice for Everyone

Collaborative divorce works best for couples that are amicable and are willing to work together to save money and resolve lingering issues as quickly as possible.

If you and your spouse can’t speak without fighting or you disagree about fundamental issues and know you won’t reach a settlement, it’s best to start your case in litigation.

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Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. is a law firm concentrating solely on family law and has served clients in DuPage, Will, Kane, and Kendall counties for over 35 years.

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