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At Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd., Our Dedication to Divorce Makes Us the Foremost Divorce and Family Law Attorney

How Can I Find An Affordable Divorce and Family Law Lawyer Near Me?

After all, you could contact any law firm dedicated to divorce and family law, but surinak-law-officethere’s just one problem: None will offer the level of service, support, and expertise that Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. does.

For over three decades, our firm has proudly provided the professional yet comfortable environment many need to feel at ease with their divorce proceedings or child support cases. As such, you too can feel at ease and confident knowing that you’re partnering with a firm that is just as committed to creating a future you feel positive about as you are.

Our Difference is Clear: We Focus on Divorce, and Nothing Else

We believe in offering only the highest levels of support to our clients. It is for this reason why we focus solely on divorce proceedings and family law matters.

Through our dedication to this narrow practice area, we’re able to consistently further our expertise and capabilities, producing superior outcomes for clients in the process. This distinguishes us from other firms and gives you a true partner throughout your divorce proceedings and well after.

An Affordable Lawyer with an Efficient, Effective Approach That Minimizes Costs and Expedites the Process

IMG_1020Depending on your unique circumstances, a divorce child support, or other family law matter can take years for completion, particularly if you have contested matters that necessitate litigation. At Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd., we focus on minimizing disruptions to your life without compromising the outcome of your case.

While many law firms and lawyers are motivated by billable hours and the ability to rack up legal fees, we’re different. We premise our solutions on expedient and solution-based strategies, minimizing costs and further reducing time spent in court.

We’ve successfully negotiated and settled divorces, child support, and other family law matters in as little as three weeks. This allows you to return to life as usual and move on with your future, free from the burden of a lengthy divorce.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Free, 30-Minute Consultation with an Attorney

We understand that when you hire a divorce lawyer, a personal connection and sense of ease is vital to your ability to proceed through this difficult time in life. That’s why we offer all prospective clients a free, 30-minute consultation to give you the ability to ask any and all questions you may have and meet Larry to determine whether our philosophy and approach is the right solution for your situation.

If you’re interested in scheduling a free, 30-minute consultation, please contact us at 630-470-9990 or fill out the convenient form on our website.

We look forward to speaking with you and offering the comprehensive support and experience you deserve.

Meet Your Attorney
Lawrence R. Surinak

35 Years of Experience in Divorce, Child Custody, and Maintenance

Characterized by his strong communication skills and commitment to service, Attorney Lawrence (Larry) Surinak has built a 35-year career by offering comprehensive service and an unparalleled level of support to all clients.

An Attorney with an Educational Background of Excellence Naperville Divorce Attorney Lawrence R. Surinak

Larry has practiced law since 1981. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree with highest honors in 1978 from DePaul University, he earned his Juris Doctor Degree from The John Marshall Law School, achieving the honor as the youngest graduate in his class.

By pursuing continuing education in new divorce laws in Illinois and elective courses, Larry continues his education in divorce to this day. In doing so, he’s able to offer innovative solutions that improve client outcomes and streamline the divorce process.

Putting the Attorney – Client Relationship First

As an experienced professional, Larry understands and values the importance of the attorney-client relationship. It is from this relationship that he is able to efficiently manage all aspects of any case.

Larry’s first priority in any case is maintaining open lines of communication and transparency with clients. As such, you’ll always know the latest occurrences with your proceedings. Likewise, you can always contact Larry with any questions or concerns that arise throughout your case.

Drawing on a Broad Range of Experience to Serve Clients

While Larry is a strong proponent of alternative dispute resolution to settle cases out of court, his over 35 years of litigation experience ensures each client’s best interests are represented in trials as well.

Through his broad range of mediation, dispute resolution, collaborative law, and litigation skills, Larry’s comprehensive experience guarantees positive outcomes to all types of cases.

A Home Office Environment Right That Makes Scheduling Simple and Creates a Less Intimidating Experience

As can be expected, divorce is an intimidating, uncertain time in the lives of most individuals. A stark, unwelcoming office can only exacerbate these feelings, causing anxiety and unrest for most.

At Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd., we operate out of a home office. Doing so simplifies scheduling and offers a comfortable, familiar environment that all clients come to know and appreciate.

Take Advantage of Your Free Attorney Consultation, Today! 

With a comfortable, welcoming office and comprehensive approach to law, Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. is your premium resource for divorce, child custody, and maintenance services. Now that’s affordable value!

Contact our team today at 630-470-9990 or submit a request online to schedule your free, 30-minute consultation with Larry, today! We look forward to providing the positive experience you should expect from our firm.