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Post-Divorce Modifications in Illinois – Resources & Answers to Common Questions

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How to Make Modifications After Your Divorce

Your divorce is over and the judgment is entered. So, now what?

Now, you go about living your new life, until something happens. Perhaps you get a new job. Perhaps your ex-spouse gets a new job. Or, maybe one of your children’s needs change. And when any of these events happen, or any, relevant others, you need to return to court.

Making modifications after your divorce aren’t difficult, but you do need a good reason to make them. In this article, we explore some of the primary reasons why you’ll return to court to make modifications, as almost every couple will, and how the process works.

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Making modifications post-divorce

2 Post-Divorce Modifications You Should Know

Once your divorce is over and the judgment is entered, everything is not set in stone. After all, your life will continue to change. Your kids will get older and their needs will change. You may get a new job. Your spouse may get a new job. You may lose your job.

With all of these changes may come changes to your divorce judgment as well. As you can imagine, not everything may be changed once the divorce is complete. However, there are two main areas in post-divorce modifications where changes may be made that you should be familiar with following the close of your case.

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Finances, Assets, and Divorce: What You Need to Know

The financial implications of a divorce can be messy. This is to be expected, especially since the impact of your finances and assets can impact your case both before and after your divorce.

In fact, changes in the financial situation of either you or your former spouse are often the reason there are post-divorce modifications necessary in many cases. In this article, we’ll explain why finances and assets matter both before and after your divorce and what you need to know for the future.

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My Spouse Isn’t Complying With Our Divorce Judgment: What Can I Do?

Divorce is stressful for everyone involved. Fortunately, finishing a case can bring closure to everyone as well. However, when one spouse is unwilling to adhere to the agreement set forth in the Judgment For Dissolution Of Marriage, things can get stressful and tense once again.

Unfortunately, issues like this are why many individuals find themselves back in Court long after a divorce is finalized. Luckily, you have rights and the opportunity to enforce your Court ordered arrangement well after the divorce has ended.

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Post-Divorce Modifications: How Child Support and Maintenance Work

Post-decree modifications are confusing for many individuals. After all, the divorce Judgment and Marital Settlement Agreement are the final documents filed in your case, essentially “closing” it. As such, many are surprised to find that they can return to Court to modify issues once the divorce is over.

Of course, you can’t modify just any issue. In fact, two of the few issues that are modifiable after a divorce is over are child support and maintenance. Primarily, this is because both are paid for a long period of time and, over time, many different circumstances may change.

So, what is the legal basis for modifying issues such as these? We discuss this and more below!

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