Child Expenses: What Child Support Covers and What it Doesn’t

Aside from maintenance, child support is another major issue in many divorces. Parents, especially those who haven’t worked to raise their children, are concerned about the cost of raising a family and what it means following a divorce from the “bread-winning” spouse.

You can have peace of mind knowing that all reasonable childcare expenses are accounted for in divorce. Moreover, your children’s healthcare, educational, and other expenses are all addressed as part of your divorce judgment. Below, we’ll cover the specifics of what’s covered and why when it comes to your children, you have nothing to worry about in divorce.

Disclosing Childcare Expenses

Just like every case is different, every family’s childcare expenses are different too. You may have daycare expenses whereas another family doesn’t because one spouse has remained at home with the children rather than working. Likewise, extracurricular expenses, educational expenses, and other factors vary as well.

When you fill out your financial disclosure statement, you’ll list all of your children’s expenses. These expenses should include clothing, grooming, education, medical, allowance, child care or other child care-related expenses, clubs, summer camps, lessons, extracurricular activities, vacations, entertainment, and any other applicable miscellaneous expenses.

Of course, both parents are typically expected to contribute to these expenses. As such, it’s important that you fill out the form accurately as you begin to build a case and your Naperville divorce lawyer begins negotiating divorce settlements on your behalf.

How Dividing Childcare Expenses Works 

In many divorces, one parent has stopped working to stay at home with the children. Once your divorce is complete, you may be expected to get a job. As such, you’ll still have to contribute to the expenses.

In some cases where a parent hasn’t worked for more than 10 years, the court is more generous in awarding childcare expenses. In other cases, a judge may award unallocated maintenance (combined maintenance and child support) to account for all expenses. What the judge decides to do will depend on your unique case and the factors surrounding your marriage (i.e. length of marriage, etc.).

Contact Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. to Discuss your Concerns Regarding Child Expenses 

It’s natural to feel concerned about child expenses during your divorce or before you file. It’s important to be mindful of the fact that courts are first and foremost interested in protecting your children in the divorce and as such, their needs (both financially and otherwise) will be accounted for.

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We look forward to speaking with you and offering our assistance on both this issue and other concerns you may have in your divorce.

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