Client Testimonials 

At Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd., our client testimonials reflect our commitment to our clients and their families. We’re proud to offer our over 35 years of experience to our community and our dedication to maintaining open lines of communication and transparency are clear in how our clients feel about our services and their new lives following their divorces.

Below, you’ll find just a few of our client testimonials. By reading each, you’ll better understand the type and level of service you can expect when you choose Larry and the team at Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. to represent your interests in any divorce-related matter.

“Larry gets things done.”

Larry was the second attorney that I hired. My initial attorney charged me an excessive amount of money and didn’t really complete any work on my case. Larry quickly resolved the issues of custody and support and settled my case in 7 months. No matter how busy he was, he was always available to speak with me. I feel that his communication skills led to my settlement.

“Best lawyer I’ve ever dealt with.”  

I have been in business for 35 years. Throughout my career, I have interacted with many different lawyers. Larry is simply the best. My divorce was contested and went to trial. My wife and I could not agree upon the division of over two million dollars. Larry’s courtroom expertise, and thorough preparedness, resulted in a decision that was more than favorable to me. I give Larry the highest recommendation.

“Larry used collaborative law to settle my case.” 

My husband and I were in agreement on most issues. Neither one of us wanted to hire attorneys who would file unnecessary motions; schedule unnecessary court dates; and otherwise just increase their fees at our expense. Larry suggested that we use the principles of collaborative law to settle our case. Due to Larry’s negotiation and dialogue with my husband’s attorney I only had to appear in Court on one occasion; and that was the day of my divorce. Larry made the process less stressful than I could have imagined. I thank him for that.

“My husband and I were divorced in three weeks.” 

I hired Larry with the expectation that my divorce would take many months. My main issues were payment of maintenance and the sale of our house. My divorce occurred in DuPage County. To my disbelief, Larry resolved the 2 contested issues within 10 days and we were divorced in 3 weeks after I filed my Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage. If you want results and a diligent attorney, hire Larry.

“A simple divorce without a trial.”

Before moving out of state, I used Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. to handle my divorce. It was my second marriage and both my husband and I are older, so my only real concern after not having worked for a long time to raise my kids was maintenance so I didn’t have to worry about my future.

Mr. Surinak explained how maintenance worked to me and made sure I didn’t just need to scrape by or worry about making end’s meet. I was also glad to get everything settled without having to go to trial, which would have cost significantly more in legal fees. It didn’t take long to settle the case either, meaning I could move on with my life and start fresh, which I did.

If you live in Naperville and need a divorce without having to worry about a trial or litigation as the only option, call Mr. Surinak.

“Transparent and incredibly communicative throughout my case.”

I took a long time to choose an attorney, knowing that it would have a significant impact on the cost, length of time, and emotional stress of my case. I was referred to Larry by a friend and am so glad that I decided to work with him on my case.

I appreciated that he took the time to explain the divorce process and how he would call me to give me regular updates on my case. My ex-husband and his attorney made every attempt to send this case to trial and because of Larry’s expertise, we were able to settle without having to go to litigation. Every time we spoke I could tell Larry really cared about my concerns and I always felt like he gave me the time necessary to address each question.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Larry’s services to anyone! His costs are more than fair and if you want an attorney that actually cares about you and your children, he’s it.

“Hire Larry.”

I hired Larry Surinak to represent me in my divorce case. I informed Larry of what my fears were regarding how the divorce would impact me and my son. Immediately Larry took action and got me temporary child support and temporary maintenance to help me during the divorce process. Larry looked at all the complex factors affecting me and my son and did not leave one stone unturned. He made sure me and my son were taken care of with a strict parenting plan as well as getting me an award for maintenance. Larry returned every call timely and made me feel secure throughout the process. Larry is an attorney that gets results. I HIGHLY recommend Larry Surinak.

For the Same Results, Contact the Team at Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. 

Every client and case is unique. To the team at Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd., you’re never treated as just another case; you’re given the personal attention you deserve to ensure you understand the unique matters that progress throughout your case.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to take advantage of your free, 30-minute consultation with Larry, contact a member of our team at 630-470-9990. You may also send us a message or request an appointment via our convenient online form.

For our firm, the needs and goals of you and your children always come first. We look forward to speaking with you and representing your interests in your divorce.