Mediation Benefits: What Two Things You Should Know

As a leading alternative to divorce litigation, mediation is popular for couples that believe they can work together to resolve issues. Moreover, mediation makes the divorce process more manageable for many reasons as it offers unique benefits the traditional, court-driven method doesn’t.

But, what do you know about mediation? Do you know the unique benefits it offers to the divorce process? If not, you’ll find the two most prevalent benefits below.

  1. Saves Money 

Most couples don’t realize how much it costs to get divorced when they first begin the process. Moreover, they don’t realize that most of those costs will come from court if they choose to litigate rather than settle their case. To this end, even settlement can be costly depending on how long it takes your attorney and your spouse’s attorney to resolve any issues.

Mediation lessens the financial burden by encouraging couples to work together while reducing time spent on the case. This means your case is resolved more quickly and at a much less expense than it would be otherwise. This is especially true if your case would have gone to trial.

  1. Saves Stress

Any divorce, regardless of how straightforward or complex, is stressful for those involved. To be sure, most of this stress comes from the “winner” mentality that most individuals want in divorce. This is especially true in contentious cases where both spouses want to feel as if they’ve come out ahead of the other.

Mediation eliminates the contentious environment and saves you stress by allowing you to work with your spouse and the mediator to arrive at a realistic solution for each issue in your case. Mediation is most useful for issues related to children as children are one of the most hotly-contested problems in most cases.

Do You Believe Mediation Might be the Right Fit for You?

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