My Spouse Won’t Sign the Divorce Papers – Now What?

There are complications that arise throughout divorce cases. However, few complications arise well before the case even starts. But in a select few cases, there are spouses who refuse to accept the divorce and try to refuse, even if the case appeared to be an uncontested divorce.

Don’t fret: Your spouse’s refusal to sign the papers doesn’t mean your case won’t proceed. Instead, you should focus on strategies both you and your Naperville divorce attorney can use to keep your case on track and without the speed bump your spouse can add to the process by refusing to sign.

Spouses refuse to sign for various reasons… 

…all of which they believe are reasonable at the time. For some, the problem is religious. For others, it’s the fear of being judged by family members, friends, colleagues, or others. At a more basic level, many spouses struggle to sign because it makes the divorce process “real” and it finally sets in that their marriage is over.

Whatever the reason, you have options to ensure your case continues to move forward.

Strategies You and Your Attorney can use if Your Spouse Refuses to Sign

How you and your attorney address your spouse will depend largely on why he or she is refusing to sign the divorce papers. In many situations, there are remedies you can take well before the final judgment needs to be signed to mitigate some of the reasons why your spouse may be refusing to sign.

For example, your spouse may refuse to sign the papers if announcing your divorce came as a surprise. If you believe this may be a problem, you should speak to your spouse about the divorce before you have them served with your divorce petition. If you’re worried the animosity of the process may cause problems, mediation or counseling may be a solution.

Don’t Let Refusal Complicate Your Case

In some cases, a spouse will refuse to sign the judgment. This moves your case from being uncontested to being contested and can quickly run up court costs and will complicate the entire process.

If your case is contested, you will likely need attorneys to resolve the issues. Or, your case may go to trial to resolve the issues that you and your spouse can’t agree upon. Often, these are issues related to children, finances, or other big areas.

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