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The 4 Most Common Mistakes in Any Divorce (and How to Avoid Them)


No two marriages are quite alike, and the same can be said for the end of a marriage. However, the mistakes that can be made during a separation are quite similar from case-to-case. This means that even with the best of intentions, problems arise throughout the process and can be costly, both emotionally and financially.

At Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd., we consider it our responsibility as your Naperville lawyer to keep you informed and educated throughout the process. Doing so ensures you don’t make any of the mistakes others do, setting you up for success following your case.

Mistake #1: You underestimated how long it will take or how much it will cost to get divorced.

Most couples approach their separation with the best of intentions. They’ll try to agree on settling certain issues but often, they’ll reach a point where there is no more negotiating. Or, like some other couples, their relationship is just too strained to make it work.

Often, this can cause cases to take longer and cost more money than expected. As you can imagine, the longer it takes, the more Court appearances and other costly expenses add up. Likewise, this means you must plan ahead should your case take a similar turn to ensure you don’t feel strained in an attempt to pay for your pending case.

Mistake #2: You haven’t considered every option to save money or time during the divorce.

While many individuals underestimate the time commitment and costs involved in this process, others don’t pursue options that can save both time and money either. For example, mediation is an excellent solution for many couples.

Mediation allows you to work with a third-party out of the Courtroom to resolve certain issues in your case. This is much more amicable than litigation and, as you can imagine, saves a significant amount of money.

Of course, not every couple is suitable for mediation. If you have a contentious relationship with your previous spouse or know that sitting down with a mediator won’t result in any agreements, it’s best to keep your case in Court.

Mistake #3: You haven’t considered life after the divorce.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the stress and emotional pressure when a marriage is ending. Unfortunately, this can cause some to keep the case in Court longer than expected, run up attorney’s fees, and feel financially and emotionally troubled once proceedings are finalized.

Typically, it’s best to plan as best you can to ensure no financial or other surprises surface once your Judgment is entered and the case is complete. Of course, it can be difficult to consider how much it will cost, especially when you’re first getting started. However, it’s still a consideration you must make.

Mistake #4: You’re Not Sure How To Bring Up Divorce

This is one of the most difficult questions when dealing with a separation – and there isn’t ‘one right answer.’
When choosing how to bring up divorce with your spouse, first make sure you have a place where you can speak privately, without interruption. Realize that your spouse may be surprised, and the news will be difficult to hear – so speak calmly and be sensitive to their perspective. Try not to get defensive, and instead, listen to what your spouse has to say. It’s likely that you will not agree about the decision, but if you act with empathy and maturity you can help make the process less hurtful and easier for both of you.

Avoid Common Mistakes by Partnering With Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd.

At Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd., we offer over 35 years of expertise to ensure clients don’t fall victim to the same mistakes as many before them.

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Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. is a law firm concentrating solely on family law and has served clients in DuPage, Will, Kane, and Kendall counties for over 35 years.

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