Why Marital Asset Valuation Matters

Property division is typically the most complicated issue in a divorce. And, while it can be relatively straightforward to place a value on vehicles, a home, and other assets, it can be difficult to value others. And, without a fair valuation, you might agree to a settlement that isn’t fair, especially when you consider the long-term implications of your financial situation following divorce.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • How marital property is divided in Illinois;
  • How to determine the value of complex assets; and
  • Other important considerations in marital asset valuation

How Marital Property is Divided in Illinois

Illinois is an equitable distribution state. This means that almost any property acquired after your date of marriage, including businesses, stocks, and more, will be divided “justly” between you and your spouse. This doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily receive exactly half of all property. Instead, the judge will divide the property according to a multitude of different factors.

Typically, it’s best for you to try and negotiate a property settlement without having the court intervene. Going to trial makes property division uncertain. And, as you’ll see below, you can still value property properly without doing so in court.

How to Determine the Value of Complex Assets

Businesses, retirement accounts, and other assets can be more difficult to place a value on. This is especially true since most of these assets accumulate value over time.

To place a value on these assets, your Naperville divorce attorney should bring in a trusted expert. An expert opinion is admissible in court to determine the value of assets like these, and is essential if you’re going to fairly divide your assets. These expert opinions are often the only way to evaluate your assets.

Other Important Considerations You Should Keep in Mind

Sometimes, assets have been hidden or wasted. And, if this is the case, a proper valuation of the complex assets between you and your spouse is essential to begin understanding where the hidden or wasted assets lie.

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