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Why You Should Consider a Collaborative Divorce


When you think of a divorce, a few common things likely to come to mind: Months or years of conflict, a significant amount of money spent, and a formal court setting that makes it difficult to resolve any issues. While all of this can be a reality for some couples, it doesn’t have to be the same for you.

Instead, you can consider a collaborative divorce.

The collaborative process is unknown to many but remains a great way to resolve conflict and come to an agreement regarding property and debt settlement, maintenance, child support, and all other issues without the need for extensive court time or litigation.

Does this sound appealing to you? Learn more about the entire process and how it works below!

How Does the Collaborative Divorce Process Work? 

The collaborative divorce process is rather simple: You and your spouse will both choose your own attorneys and enter into a collaborative law retainer agreement. Instead of litigating issues (i.e. going to Court to increase bills and draw out problems), your attorneys will work to help you and your spouse resolve your issues out of court.

In this kind of setting, your attorney will help you discuss the relevant law of the issues you’re facing to foster an environment of cooperation. And, should you not reach a settlement through the process, both attorneys are essentially “fired” and can no longer represent their clients should the case go to court.

The best part is that collaborative divorce is informal and removes the pressure and stress (or as much of it as possible) from the divorce process. This allows spouses to work together to determine how to best raise their children, divide property, and work out other issues in a cooperative, collaborative environment.

The Collaborative Divorce Process

Like a traditional divorce, the collaborative divorce process follows a series of steps you should be aware of before deciding this is the appropriate option for you:

  1. Hire an Attorney – Both you and your spouse will find and hire an attorney that is experienced in mediation techniques and the collaborative divorce process.
  2. Meet With Your Attorney – During this first meeting, you can communicate what you want in the divorce and what you’re willing to compromise on. Getting on the same page with the issues is essential before you begin meeting with your spouse and his/her attorney.
  3. Schedule Meetings – In collaborative divorce, you’ll work out issues in multiple “four-way” meetings in which you and your former spouse and both your attorneys are present. In some cases, other professionals may be brought in to work out issues, often having to do with finances or debt.
  4. Hire an Attorney to Finalize Your Divorce – Once all issues have been worked out with your collaborative divorce attorney in Naperville, you will need to hire an attorney to file and finalize the divorce formally.

While this seems straightforward, and often is, it often takes schedule four-way meetings to resolve most issues. However, it still offers an attractive alternative to months or years in litigation in traditional divorce cases.

4 Benefits of Choosing a Collaborative Approach to Your Naperville Divorce 

As you may suspect, there are countless benefits of choosing a collaborative divorce over traditional options. Four of the most prominent benefits include:

  1. Saves Money – Some traditional divorces take years to resolve and some even go to trial, costing tens of thousands in court costs. In collaborative divorce, you can control costs by staying out of court.
  2. Informal Environment – Court is intimidating and uncertain. When you decide to engage in collaborative divorce instead, you can informally discuss and resolve issues with the added stress of court.
  3. Saves Time – Court dates are spaced apart and draw out the divorce process. Scheduling meetings on your own time is simple and ensures you don’t have to wait years to get divorced.
  4. Keeps Control in Your Hands – In Court, control is completely out of your hands and you will be bound by what the judge decides. In collaborative divorce, you can negotiate a settlement that both you and your spouse believe is fair.

If You’re Interested in Collaborative Divorce, Contact the Professionals at Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. 

With extensive experience in collaborative divorce and mediation, you can trust the careful guidance, support, and 35 years of expertise at Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. to reach a settlement that works for you.

To learn more about our approach to collaborative divorce or to discuss the specifics of the process in greater detail at your free 30-minute consultation, contact us at 630-470-9990 or request your consultation online. We look forward to speaking with you and offering an attractive alternative to traditional, litigation-heavy divorce.

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Lawrence R. Surinak Ltd. is a law firm concentrating solely on family law and has served clients in DuPage, Will, Kane, and Kendall counties for over 35 years.

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